Hot Chick 2

Play as the Hot-Tempered Hot Chick, a chick(literally) with a an attitude. Hot
Chick is a 2D side-scroller with a heavy emphasis on solving puzzles through the
use of the key game item – bombs.

Player plays through a level with the main goal of reaching the door to the next
level. To do so however, he or she is required to navigate through several platforms and
pitfalls as well as to defeat enemies and solve environmental puzzles through
the use of the game’s bomb mechanics. Besides blasting enemies to oblivion, players
can also direct the bombs at themselves to fling themselves to higher ground – these
techniques will be honed through many exciting yet challenging levels!

Movement : WASD for moving left and right (only A and D are used)
Spacebar for jumping, tap for smaller jump, hold for bigger jump

Mouse : For throwing bombs, hold left mouse button to charge up a throw,
release left mouse button to throw at the direction of the mouse
cursor (max 3), then right click to detonate all bombs.

Gameplay : Puzzle Platformer
Let the coins guide you to the door to the next level. Learning
to jump and detonate bombs at the same time while in mid air is

Hints : The game makes use of the explosion force of the bombs to push
the chick to many places. Use it to blow the chick into places/
out of harm’s way. Chick can even throw bombs and detonate them
while in air.

Download from Digipen website!