The player has to navigate through levels and reach the exit in order to escape. In order to overcome various obstacles such as huge chasms and robotic enemies, the player must make use of the properties of magnetism to manipulate the polarities of the environment, game objects and himself.

As the same polarities repel and different polarities attract, the player can make use of these forces to perform moves that would otherwise exceed the limits of his movement, or alter the environment and open up a path to finish the level.

Movement : WASD for movement. Scrollwheel to go into aiming mode, left click to shoot at colored tiles to change their color. No jumping allowed in this game!

Mouse : Left click to shoot at colored tiles to change their color. Right click to activate suit color to be attracted to or repel from colored tiles. (like colors attract, unlike colors repel)

Gameplay : Puzzle Platformer
Like colors attract, unlike colors repel. Solve environmental puzzles to bring the character to the exit!

Hints : The game uses force-based physics, and multiple neighboring tiles of same color will have a very strong total force on the character compared to a single colored tile. It can even propel/rocket the character like particle.

One more week to gold! If we did well, there would be a download link on Digipen!